Affordable Dental Implants

Kemlage Family Dentistry offers the highest quality, most affordable dental implants to their patients in the St. Louis area. Dental implants are a far superior alternative to traditional means of single, or multiple, tooth replacement.


When a tooth is removed out of the mouth, the bone immediately begins to resorb, or “dissolve away.” This resorption will continue to occur for the rest of that person's life, and traditional means of tooth replacement (ie dentures and bridges) will only accelerate this process. Solution: dental implants. Implants are titanium structures that are placed in the bone and replace a tooth's root, which prevents bone loss. Dental implants vastly improve everyday function including eating, speaking and overall quality of life . . . and the best part is, IMPLANTS CANNOT GET CAVITIES !


What sets Kemlage Family Dentistry apart from the rest?


The doctors utilize a very unique and high tech means of placing dental implants: through the use of a Computer Designed Surgical Guide .


The Process : A 3 Dimensional radiograph is taken of your mouth as well as an intra-oral scan of your teeth. Using an innovative software, an implant is selected from a library of options uniquely for your jawbone and is positioned in the 3D image in the appropriate location. Based on this exact location and angulation, a Surgical Guide is made and used during the placement of your best dental implant. What's most remarkable about this procedure,is that an implant can be placed in about 20 minutes ! Minimal surgery, chair time, and close to none post surgical discomfort.

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