Are Veneers Right for Me?

Are you embarrassed by your chipped, cracked or yellowed teeth? Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, why not have a big, white, beautiful smile to show off? With veneers, you can simply cover your teeth’s abnormalities like chips or stains. In two, veneersand sometimes one, dental appointments, you can renew your smile and have the pearly whites you’ve always wanted.

What are veneers? 
Veneers are a thin shell of porcelain which covers the front of your tooth or teeth. They can be customized for your teeth in the dental office using one-visit CEREC technology. Veneers provide a natural appearance thanks to the porcelain’s tooth-like, light-reflecting qualities. The extra care put into color-matching the porcelain to your surrounding teeth makes them virtually impossible to spot amid your natural teeth. Veneers can cover abnormalities and flaws such as:

  • chips
  • cracks
  • broken teeth
  • slightly misaligned or overlapped teeth
  • yellowed or stained teeth
  • teeth with gaps between them

What are the benefits of veneers?

  • Natural Appearance: Veneers blend in flawlessly with your natural teeth. They fit, feel and function exactly like your natural teeth, and do not require any extra care.
  • Quick and Easy: In one dental appointment, your veneers are designed, created and placed onto your teeth; therefore, you leave with a beautiful smile from the get-go.
  • Durable: Veneers last for years with the proper care. Avoiding dark-colored food and drinks which can stain the teeth keeps your veneers bright and white. Brushing and flossing twice a day helps to extend the life of your veneers. Commitment to biannual dental appointments allows your dentist to monitor your veneers and adjust or replace them if necessary.

Are veneers right for me? 
If you have small abnormalities in your teeth that you want to cover, you are probably a good candidate for veneers. Patients should have healthy oral tissues and general good dental health. Those patients with a tooth grinding habit, heavily restored teeth or severely abnormal bites may not be a good candidate for veneers.

For more information on dental veneers in the Fenton, MO area, contact Dr. Thomas Kemlage, DDS and Andrew Kemlage, DDS at Kemlage Family Dentistry. Call (636) 225-1777 to speak with an associate about scheduling an appointment today!

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