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Get to the Dentist for a Quick Fix at the End of the Summer

Enjoy the beginning of fall with a quick fix to the dentist. As the nights start to get shorter, you can’t help but realize that summer is almost over. That also means that school will be starting, as well as less time on your hands. Drs. Thomas Kemlage and Andrew Kemlage would like to inform Fenton dental patients about the convenience of CEREC same-day crowns

CEREC Technology: What is it exactly?

CEREC is ceramic reconstruction for the natural tooth. The CEREC system enables a dentist to utilize a 3-D photo as well as computer-aided drafting and manufacturing to assist in the construction of a dental crown, which is a common restorative option for a weak, damaged or discolored tooth.
Rather than making molds of your teeth to cast and shape crowns, CEREC allows us to use digital imaging and a milling technique to create synthetic crowns, which are used to assist with a dental bridge, dental implant and veneer restorative placement.  

The Benefits of CEREC Technology

We feel that the benefits of CEREC technology are too great not to mention, so here they are!
  • Fast results – CEREC technology can make your dental visits quick and time saving.
  • Quality results –With digital imaging, we believe that CEREC is able to generate dental prosthetics that fit patients to a T.
  • No temporary needed –CEREC is able to generate a high-quality custom dental piece almost immediately, which eliminates the use of a temporary crown.
We understand as summer comes to close we find less and less time to get things done. CEREC is so quick and easy; you can save the time that is precious to you. Contact our office today if CEREC sounds like a perfect option for you.

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