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Should I Consider Getting Teeth Whitening?

Find out if professional teeth whitening is the right choice for your smile needs.

A radiant smile is anything if not stunning. It’s hard to notice anything else when someone we meet has a glowing smile. If lately you’ve started to notice that your teeth aren’t as effervescent as they once were and are now fraught with stains then it might be time you talked Teeth WHiteningto your Fenton cosmetic dentists Drs. Thomas and Andrew Kemlage about teeth whitening.

At-Home Teeth Whitening

A popular form of whitening is dentist-monitored at-home whitening systems. These custom-made dental trays will hold bleaching gel to gradually whiten your smile over the course of several weeks. Some systems only require that you wear your trays for an hour each day while others may need you to wear them longer.

Why Should I Consider Professional Whitening?

It can be a difficult decision to make, especially when commercial products are significantly cheaper, but there are some benefits that you’ll only be able to reap with professional teeth whitening:

  • Professional bleaching gels are stronger than over-the-counter products so you’ll get better results faster.
  • Professional whitening is monitored by your dentist, which not only makes it safer for your smile but also prevents issues such as tooth sensitivity.
  • The whitening results you get from professional whitening can last years if you properly care for your smile. Over-the-counter products, on the other hand, can’t offer the same long-term results.

Get a smile that makes a good first impression every time. To find out if in-office teeth whitening is the best cosmetic dentistry for your goals call your cosmetic dentists in Fenton. Let us give your smile the TLC it deserves.

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