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The Historical Development of Dentures

A Brief History and Development of Dentures

The problem: a small or large gap in your smile due to missing teeth. The common solution for patients on a budget who need a quick fix: dentures. Learn more about dentures, including their history and development over time in advance of your upcoming appointment with Fenton MO dentists Dr. Thomas F. Kemlage DDS and Andrew T. Kemlage DDSDentures

What Defines Denture?

A denture is a row of artificial teeth that are designed to fit over the gum line. The dentures are bonded to a pinkish red colored material that’s made to resemble the gums so that when you smile it looks natural. Dentures (partial or full) allow you to chew and speak more normally than you would without teeth. The can be removed for cleaning and sleeping. Fenton MO dentists Dr. Kemlage and Andrew T. Kemlage DDS take care to form and shape the dentures to fit in your mouth securely and comfortably.

The History of Dentures

The first denture appliances were created in Northern Italy by the Etruscans as early as 500 B.C. They used teeth from animals to form rows of teeth for human use. This practice continued well into the 1700s when one of the most famous men of that time, George Washington, wore a pair made of ivory from various animals. Some early “dentists” used teeth from fallen soldiers on the battlefield to create denture-like appliances. The modern dentures that dentists use were developed in the 20th century – they are made of porcelain, acrylic and other plastic materials. The design is much more durable and long lasting than primitive dentures used in the past.
Dentures from Dr. Thomas Kemlage and Andrew T. Kemlage DDS
Fenton MO cosmetic dentists Dr. Thomas Kemlage and Dr. Andrew Kemlage are masters when it comes to the development of modern denture appliances. They take care to create dentures that will fit your mouth comfortably and last for an extended period of time. The goal is to have dentures that will make you feel comfortable when eating, talking and smiling at others in social situations. Contact their office at (636) 225-1777 to learn more about modern dentures or explore our website and click “Request an Appointment” to set a date and time for a consultation.

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